Sunday, 14 January 2018

Beginning with Pushups

Are you one of those guys who can't even do one pushup? Or you can't increase your pushup repetitions? Then I will explain to you how to break through your shell.

Around six months ago I couldn't possibly do one pushup and my brother used to laugh at me because he would do 5-6 reps easily.
At that time I started and now I can do 5-6 reps of 15 pushups easily. And also I didn't go to a gym, just 4-5 times a day practice for 3-4 minutes.
It didn't waste much of my time and I became expert in doing a pushup. 

Where to start?

If you can't do a single pushup then start off by doing negative pushups as much as you can do and try to maintain the same repetitions and doing 3-4 sets.
In a week or less, you would be able to gather enough strength to do a proper pushup.

How to do a negative pushup?

Step 1: Drop your body to the ground in a pushup position.

Step 2: Push your body up, by pushing yourself up by hands.(use hand muscle force to push yourself up) keeping your knees on the ground and legs crossed in the air(keep your body straight).

After you have done the negative pushups for around a week, you can easily do a pushup.
To grow on pushups do 12 repetitions of 3-4 sets of pushups.
When you can't finish your repetitions in pushup form complete the rest of negatives.
Around a month or less of doing so, you will be able to do 12 repetitions with ease.

When you become expert at normal pushups, don't increase the repetitions just add weight to your body and continue doing 12 repetitions of 3-4 sets. When you can't do anymore with weights do the rest of negatives.

Doing this will make you an expert at pushups and it is also not so much time consuming, taking around 10-20 minutes of your day.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Transcribe and Earn Highly

How Much Does Transcription Pay?

I really love Elance when it comes to transcription jobs.
A one-hour audio will pay you anything from $25 dollars to $50. Once the jobs start coming in, the money is good.
Scribie is another good side and pays quite well.
Transcribe Me
and you can find much more.
An audio a day keeps poverty away
My suggestion: the more difficult the audio file, the higher the price you charge. The client may also need you to do the transcript relatively fast which is more expensive than when they give you more time say, 24 hours to deliver.
Like any other home business, it will take time to build up your income. However, for the short time I have been doing transcription, I do not consider my earnings to be insignificant at all. I may not have become wealthy yet but the money I have earned over that short period of time is actually a very vital part of my household budget and lifestyle.

Relevant Skills for Transcription

Typing skills

You need a fast typing speed.
Excellent spelling and punctuation are important too. It takes me about five hours to transcribe a good quality one-hour audio so you can see why you need to be fast.
You definitely need to be accurate. I have noticed that for some clients, speed isn’t an issue as much as accuracy. Why send a client work right on time with 50% errors? It will set you back when it comes to feedback.

Research skills

In addition to being fast and accurate, you need excellent research skills.
It’s often necessary to search for unfamiliar or technical names, towns etc. Google becomes your best friend and helps you produce very good quality work.

Listening Skills

An enhanced ability to hear is very important. You will come across different accents and some audios will not be of such good quality. Therefore you need the uncanny ability to hear words and phrases which not everyone can hear. This will build your reputation as it is a necessary skill as a transcriptionist.

Comprehension Skills

Last but not least, you need comprehension skills.
Transcription is not about typing blindly. You need to able to put two and two together so that even if you miss a word you can be able to figure it out based on the overall content of what the speaker is saying. Put on your thinking cap dear!

Transcription Tools

Apart from the usual, a good computer and internet connection, you will also need good quality headphones. This will go a long way in enabling you to get every word in.

Also, you will require 
Express Scribe which is free software that you can download and use. It’s a great tool that allows you to play, forward and rewind without using the mouse.
You will only use keyboard keys and type away. A foot pedal is sometimes required but I have found that it makes little difference to me since I use Express Scribe. Therefore, it really isn’t strictly necessary.

So, what’s the call to action? Get those headphones, begin applying and start earning your money online right now!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Install MobileXpression App & Get TWO Rs 300 Amazon Gift voucher

Hello, Today I am going to tell you this amazing trick to earn Rs.300 amazon gift card per month (not just one gift card but two per month).
Let's get started.

MobileXpression is a Survey and research community which research on mobile users behaviours to make good digital products.
So what you are supposed to do is install their app and they will give 5 points per week and after 20 points, i.e. after one month you will get one gift card from points redemption.
The other gift card is provided by them for free every month.

First of all, from your mobile browser open the following link.

2. Now select which version of android you are using on your phone.

3. Just check for your device if it shows that your device is eligible just fill all your details.

4. After you fill all the details, download MobileXpression app from the link or from play store.

5. Open the app and login with your details.

6. All done. Sit Back and relax. Wait for 6-7 days for first points. 

7. After 20 points redeem your points for the gift card. It will be given to you on the email that you have used while filling your details. The gift card arrives within 1 hour.

8. Note: All your points will be gone if there is no activity on your account for 90 days. Also if you try to cheat they will block you instantly.

If you have any doubt see my gift cards.

If it works for you comment, it means a lot.

AltCoiner Investment Program Review


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Launch date: March 19, 2017
Expected ROI per cycle: 112% / 142% / 200% (examples)
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My Deposits
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Get 2000 UR Coin Cryptocurrency Free

This is a Giveaway of New Cryptocurrency UR Coin worth 2000 which currently on Cryptopia Exchange can be sold and is expected to grow to $1 per UR coin in 2 years of time.
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2. After reaching the above link, click on sign up.
Now you will see this page.

3. Now fill in your country code, your mobile number, Create a password for yourself and click Agree & Continue.

You need to verify your mobile number by submitting the code that you get on your mobile.

4. Now You will Upload Your National Identity Card which issued to you By your Government. ( Front & Back Sides both ) High Quaily
They ensure in their terms and conditions that your information is limited to them and is not to be shared.

It should be like this.

Note: Do Not Upload Fake Documents otherwise Your account will Disable and You are Not Allowed to Work With UR Coin.

5. After you upload your Documents, click continue.
Now you need to upload a picture of yourself holding the above uploaded ID.
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6. After uploading this click continue and
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7. Now in this Step, it Will Generate Secret Phrase which will be used to Send your UR Coin to your Friends OR to any other UR Address.
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